Caboolture Test Centres

Caboolture test Centre


Caboolture test area is considered anywhere within an approximate 15min radius from the test centre. Caboolture is relatively flat with Morayfield Rd running through the middle of it, there are minimal roundabouts but a few sets of Lights. The test centre here can take you on the highway. It consists of mostly 40, 50 and 60km/hr zones. There are lots of schools located in the area. The centre is located in the industrial area just off the Caboolture exit of the highway. The centre is broken up into two different buildings. The test centre building is located on the right. The carpark to start with is in the first driveway and straight ahead, you will see designated car parks for driving tests. When you return you will head for the second driveway and park in the second one. When you exit watch out for trucks.

When heading too and from the test centre you will have to watch for signs and arrows so you can plan ahead for which lane you need to be in ahead of time.

You can go both ways down the highway from the centre.


Around the Caboolture hospital it is busy and you have to watch out for pedestrians on the road. In the estates there are a lot of roundabouts.

If turning from Railway parade right onto McKean St there is a railway crossing and a consecutive set of lights make sure you can fit on the other side before crossing it.

At the end of Station Rd there is a set of lights that has a railway crossing in it. If you are turning left or right at the lights proceed over the crossing then turn as usual just remember never line up or stop on the railway crossing.

Visentin Rd continues around the corner onto Buchanan Rd if you want to continue on Visentin Rd towards the shops you have to signal left over the dotted lines. There is a sign to signal the main road continues around the corner, follow the bold line unless indicated to do so otherwise.