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Carseldine Test Centre

532 Beams Rd, Carseldine QLD 4034 P.h 13 23 80

Carseldine test area is considered anywhere within an approximate 15min radius from the test centre. The Carseldine test centre is the old QUT campus across the road from the Carseldine train station. There are a few main roads to deal with including Gympie Rd, Beams Rd, Hanson Rd, Carseldine Rd and Robinson Rd ect.  There are minimal roundabouts but the ones that are present are busy. The test centre here can take you on the highway. It consists of mostly 40, 50 and 60km/hr zones but there is also a 70km/hr zone on Gympie Rd. Within the test centre the speed limits are 20km/hr and 10km/hr. There are lots of schools located in the area. When you enter off Beams Rd the carpark is up the lane to the right.

If you turn left out of the Carseldine test centre you reach a roundabout. This roundabout can be busy and leads students to feel overwhelmed so make sure you practice it to get used to it. If you turn left at the roundabout you immediately merge head down Dorville Rd which leads into a school zone. This school zone continues around the corner to the left at the lights. If you go straight at the roundabout in the right hand lane it turns into a turning lane. The test tells people if not specifically directed to follow the road and be directed via the road signs, road signals and road markings. Thus turn right, you cannot go straight from a right hand turning lane. This leads onto Lacey Rd, turn left at the next set of lights and you will reach the highway entrances.

The test tells people if not specifically directed to follow the road and be directed via the road signs, road signals and road markings. This sign signals people to follow the main road around the corner. There are two of these types of signs in there are on from Zillmere road onto Ridgemont St and the other from Ridgemont St onto Dunsford St.

The intersection shown in the picture to the above confuses students. Practice this intersection from all directions. From Kirby turn right onto Ellison Rd, to continue along Ellison Rd there is a give way. You give way to the people turning off Gympie Rd. If you are turning left of Gympie Rd and them follow this around onto Ellison Rd in the left hand lane, there is a turn left only sign and arrows on the road, make sure you follow this around unless directed otherwise.

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