Greenslopes Test Centres


Greenslopes Mall, Greenslopes Shopping Mall, 700 Logan Rd, Greenslopes QLD 4120. Ph. 13 23 80

Greenslopes test area is considered anywhere within an approximate 15min radius from the test centre. The Carseldine test centre parking is within the shopping centre parking lot. There are a few main roads to deal with including Logan Rd, Chatsworth Rd, Cavendish Rd, Ridge St and Juliette St ect.  There are minimal roundabouts but the ones that are present are busy. The test centre here can take you on the highway. It consists of mostly 40, 50 and 60km/hr zones. Within the parking lot the speed limits are 10km/hr, the allocated parking spots are to right entering of Plimsoll St. There are lots of schools located in the area.

Cornwall and Juliette St are one way streets, the toughest highway entrance that is used is off Juliette St and Marquis St heading south towards the gold coast.


If you turn left out of the centre and end to the end of Plimsoll St, at the end turn right and then left onto Marriott St. At the next intersection turn left make sure you take not on the main traffic keep right sign. There are a few of these in the area but this one is the most difficult to see.

At the end of Logan Rd heading towards the city there is a busy roundabout. This roundabout confuses and overwhelms a lot of students make sure to practice it. Follow the correct arrows as directed. If you do end up in the wrong lane remember to not change unless it is safe too (not over solid white lines), follow the arrow through and you can always be turned around or redirected back in the correct direction.