Frequently asked questions

How long does a lesson go for?

A standard lesson is for one how but you can have a lesson on tailored if you request

Do you have any package deals

Yes! check our booking page for any current deals

Do you have gift vouches

Yes! Please check our booking page for more information

Are your instructors accredited


Do you have a cancellation fee?

We bring to your attention that we have a cancellation and no show policy which includes a cancellation fee. You agree to this cancellation policy if you book a lesson via internet or over the phone with the office. As our instructors are often very busy, we ask that you contact your instructor at least 36 hours prior to your scheduled lesson if you need to cancel or postpone for any reason. If not, a cancellation fee of half or all the lesson cost may apply. This allows our instructors to better serve all their students, by giving them the ability to offer any spare times to those students who may be desperate for additional driving time with their instructor. The cancelation policy is as follows: Rescheduling or Cancelling a driving lessons and or test day service packages- If you reschedule a Lesson within less than 36hours advance notice of the scheduled time, we reserve the right to consider the Lesson cancelled and charge as set out below Period of notice prior to the scheduled Lesson- 12 hour or less- No credit, liable for full amount of lesson More than 12 hours’ notice but less than 36 hours- liable for 50% of the lesson cost. Lateness and non-attendance (no shows)- If you arrive late for a Lesson the Instructor shall only be able to offer you the remaining Lesson time if they do not have another commitment to another Lesson immediately after, and you will be charged for the full Cost of the Lesson. If you are more than 15 min late for a Lesson without notifying us we reserve the right (at the Instructor’s reasonable discretion) to cancel the Lesson and charge the full lesson cost. If you do not attend a lesson (No show) we reserve the right to cancel the Lesson (at the Instructor’s reasonable discretion) and charge the full lesson cost. Payment of Cancellation and No shows are to be made within 10 days of the missed lesson via either credit card, debit card or bank transfer. If not paid within 10 days of the missed lesson we reserve the right to pass the debt onto a third party for collection.

Do your cars have duel control?

Yes. In order to be Accredited, a driving instructor’s vehicle must be fitted with Dual Controls.

Do you teach in my suburb?

My Driving School currently covers much of the Brisbane area and is continually expanding. Please check our Areas page to view a comprehensive list.

How much are lessons with My Driving School Moreton Bay Region

You will find great value for money when you book with My Driving School. Please check our Pricing page for costs and special package deals, and become a fan on facebook to be notified of any new specials.

How do i book a lesson?

Easy, give us a call or fill out our book a lesson form.

How can i pay for my lesson?

You can pay your instructor at the time of your lesson with cash, or you can phone our reception to pay in advance of your lesson by credit card.

Can i be picked up and dropped off at different locations?

Sure, arrangements can be made in advance with your instructor to have different pick-up and drop-off locations. We can pick you up from Home, School, University, Work, etc and drop off in the same or even a different place.

Do you have manual and automatic cars?

Yes, we provide manual and automatic cars with dual controls.

Am I able to have driving lessons in my own/family or friends car?

Under certain circumstances, customers may want to receive lessons in their own/family vehicle. This is a good idea where the car will be used for a Driver’s Test. You understand that it is your responsibility to handle any crashes or incidences if any occur as we do not have dual brakes we cannot be held responsible. Provided the vehicle is the registration is current the vehicle is comprehensively insured and the customer’s insurance company is notified that it will be used by a driving instructor to conduct training in The tyres are correctly inflated (air pressures must reflect the manufacturer’s recommendation as a minimum). Have appropriate levels of tread
o are not damaged all indicators, headlights and brake lights are working seats and seat belts are in good working order and are not damaged or twisted the vehicle has sufficient petrol to last the course of the lesson (minimum requirement – a quarter of a tank) The lesson charge is not reduced for lesson in a customer’s own car.

Are automatics easier to drive?

Some people find that automatic cars are easier to drive as they don’t have a clutch pedal to operate. Thus finding it easier and quicker to get there license. Then if wanting a manual, they build up their confidence and then later sit for a manual test. It is also common for a novice driver to commence their tuition in an automatic vehicle until they are relatively confident and safe on the roads and then swap over to manual later on.

How do I book my driving test?

When you are ready, your My Driving School can arrange your test for you on payment of the Queensland Transport Booking Fee. Alternatively you can call the Central Booking Office of Queensland transport or book online using the Queensland transport website. You will have to provide your learners permit number and payment details. If you can book a test directly with Queensland Transport, however there is no guarantee that your specific Instructor is available at that time.

How many lessons will i need to learn how do drive?

This depends on the individual, as every student has different abilities, needs, and levels of experience, different opportunities to practice and learn at different rates. Please keep in mind that you can never have too many lessons as the more professional training you have then the safer you will become prior to going solo. For 17 year olds to 24 year olds you are required to do a minimum of 100 hours but none of these need to be with an instructor. The first 10hrs with an instructor is equated to 30hrs within your logbook. Our aim is to produce safe independent drivers and to teach skills beyond those required to obtain your Ps.

If I am not getting along with my driving instructor may I change driving instructors?

Yes you may. Just give the office a call and ask to be moved to another team member if available.

What are the requirements to use a 10hr driving lesson to add 30hrs to log book?

The first 10 Lessons with an our professional driving instructors will count as 30 driving hours for your Log Book. However you need to be aware that once you have completed your first 10 lessons, a driving lesson with a driving instructor then counts as one lesson for one hour of practice driving for your Log Book.

Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?

The decision to learn in an automatic transmission or a manual car depends upon many factors including personal choice, skill level, confidence and the cars you are able to practice in. In Queensland if you gain your licence in an automatic car; you are not permitted to drive a manual until you successfully pass a practical test with Queensland Transport, in a manual vehicle. Once you have your automatic license you can practice driving a manual by putting learner plates back on the car and having an appropriate supervisor. Once competent you can sit a practical driving test in the manual.

What are the hours i can take driving lessons?

We offer long and varied hours for training and our highly qualified trainers are available to teach you and depend on the instructor you are put with.

What happeneds if i dont have my license with me at a driving lesson?

It is not possible to allow the learner to drive a car on public roads without a valid licence on his/her person. Therefore there will be no driving taking place during the driving lesson.

What insurance and standards do you have in place to ensure the saftey of my child?

We take the safety of our customers and instructors very seriously. Accordingly we maintain the following standards for our fleet: All vehicles have at least 5 star safety rating (which means ABS brakes and air bags) All vehicles are regularly serviced by reputable mechanics to ensure that the vehicle is in excellent condition All vehicles are kept clean Checks are undertaken by the instructor to check lights, tyres and glass All cars are comprehensively insured with reputable insurance companies.

What role should a parent/supervisor/experienced driver play?

My driving school believes learning to drive should be a partnership between the learner, driving instructor and experienced drivers from friends or family.

What vehicles are used at My Driving School Moreton Bay Region

Suzuki Swifts

When can I got for my license?

To be eligible to obtain your licence- Between 17 years of age and 24 years of age need to have held your Learners permit for at least 12 consecutive months and have completed your 100hrs(logged). Older than 25 years of age do not need to complete the 100hrs but do need to hold your learners permit for at least 12 consecutive months There are exemptions to the amount of time you have to hold the permit and for the 100hrs under certain circumstances – please enquire at Queensland Transport –

When will i be ready to go for a practical test?

This timeframe will vary for absolutely every student. You are ready for the practical driving test when you can drive confidently and consistently without the help of your instructor. Mock test can be arranged to test your ability.

Why should i choose My Driving School Moreton Bay Region

The teaching of safe driving techniques is a key differentiator from our competitors but at My Driving School we care about every student and tailers it to their needs. Every instructor have highly qualified, friendly and experienced, they will teach you how do drive and keep you safe for life. We are passionate about road safety – safer cars, safer roads and equally important, safer drivers! We guarantee quality and consistency. We offer a balanced training program that is presented in a logical and progressive way. We believe that the correct teaching we provide, improves performance, increases confidence and motivation for our students. A Safe Start Driving School is here to help students deal with everyday challenges, such as, changing lanes, merging, reverse parking, 3 point turning, how to park in shopping malls and make good decisions in tight situations to name a few. Each component is delivered with detailed explanation and demonstration using a number of learning techniques to cater to all students. Through engaging people in a friendly and nurturing manner, we create a positive learning environment. We cater for all including nervous drivers, older generation learners in there 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s, international drivers and refresher driving.

Why should I go for professional driving training?

We teach the essential principles of low-risk driving to a student. Including defensive driving techniques. Often we see students at the beginning when they are more at risk, in the early stages of learning to drive. Professional training in a dual-control car will help keep them safe. Supervising drivers thus will feel more at ease if a student has had professional training. No-one expects parents to be professional driving instructors. Then we see students at the end of the 100hrs to tidy up any habits that has been created but this does not work as effectively as people believe as it takes a few weeks to brake a habit and then a few weeks to create a new one. But the School recommends a balance between professional instruction and on-road experience with the supervising driver/s. Parents or supervising drivers are kept regularly up-to-date with a customer’s progress and receive tips on how to assist with on-road training thus not forming bad habits that are hard to brake.

How do we create better, safer drivers?

There are many factors that contribute to the P-plate crash rate statistics, however, a major component is the inexperience and the inability to anticipate what could go wrong in any situations. Thus our aim is to produce safe independent drivers and to teach skills beyond those required to obtain your Ps. We educate them in defensive techniques and skills in order to prepare them for their p plates, encourage them to practice in different situation and show them tips and aim to have a positive impact leading appropriate attitude towards a safer and low risk driver. Unfortunately many Australians view professional driver training only as a step towards passing the licence test. It is essential safety pre-requisite anything.

Will a defense driving course help my learner or p plate driver?

Advanced driving courses are usually one day events located away from public roads. We not recommend these courses for anyone under 25 years of age as they can build over-confidence, and there is some evidence of increased crash risk for younger drivers. Many young people come to grief when they try to apply newly-learned high end car control skills on public roads. Drivers often become overconfident and more aggressive after attending these courses. Advanced driving courses can be fun but are better suited to mature drivers over 25. We teach low risk driving techniques that are designed to keep drivers out of trouble.

Where will my lessons be held?

The start and finish location is convenient to you. An instructor is usually assigned based on area of your home address but upon arrangement we can organise lessons within a particular area. E.g. test areas.

How do I pass my driving test?

Passing your test should be easy as long as you prepare. Our aim is to produce safe independent drivers and to teach skills beyond those required to obtain your Ps. A set goal date can be arranged where you work towards that date with your instructor. Practice tests and test preparation can be arranged and can be organised with your instructor. Remember in order to pass you must be a safe driver. The P test looks at all aspects of driving.

I'm trying to book my driving test but the next appointment is a month away?

It does usually take a month to get into an appointment but My Driving School are passionate and enthusiastic about working for you. So contact one of our office and see if we can get you into an earlier road test appointment. We also have Saturday test times available.

What do I have to bring on my first lesson?

Your learner’s license and logbook

I did my P1 driving test in and automatic but now i want to drive a manual?

In Queensland if you gain your licence in an automatic car; you are not permitted to drive a manual until you successfully pass a practical test with Queensland Transport, in a manual vehicle. Once you have your automatic license you can practice driving a manual by putting learner plates back on the car and having an appropriate supervisor. Once competent you can sit a practical driving test in the manual.

Can I change driving school during my learners period?

Yes. You can change driving schools at any time and the next driving school should be able to continue with your training from the notes at the back of your logbook. You will only get 3 for 1 hours up to 10 hours regardless of how many instructors or driving schools you use.

Can I sit my driving test in your car?

Definitely – in fact, we strongly recommend it! There are many benefits to sitting your driving test in an instructors’ car – the main one being that the dual brake system makes the car safer, and your examiner will be more relaxed to be in a familiar, clean, roadworthy car with dual brakes. For test packages check out the Pricing page.

I think I'm outside your region, can you still teach me?

If you’re not sure if you’re in our teaching zone or not, please feel free to give us a call. If you’re not far from the suburbs we service we may still be able to help you. Alternatively you can catch a bus or train to our area and we will collect you from the station

What will I learn in a lesson?

Over a series of lessons we’ll teach you everything you need to know to pass your driving test, but more importantly, to be a safe driver once you’re on your own. We work on areas such as: Hazard perception Defensive driving Safe turning and braking Following road rules Traffic lights Roundabouts Reverse parallel parking Kerbside Stop signs Three-point turns Right-hand turns Safe gap selection Blind spots Correct use of indicators And many more You may have never even sat in the drivers’ seat of a car before – that’s fine. We can teach you all the necessary skills from scratch, or we can help you polish and improve the driving skills you already have.

What are the requirements to pass the test?

You must make good decision on your own Be able to operate the vehicle effectively Have good hazard perception and observation skills Have a good road attitude

How do we look after you on test drive?

On the day of your test you can either rent one of our cars or use your own We recommend doing a test package which most driving schools run- Pick up 1hr lesson Straight to test Use of car on test Debrief Drop home

Why go for driving lessons?

We know what tips and techniques that will not only help you pass your test but will also keep you safe on the roads We are here to educate you and help you

How do you suggest we split the 100hrs

Driving Lessons to learn how to operate the vehicle Supervised Driving with correct practices Driving lessons to learn hazard perception, attitude and observation Supervised Driving focusing on observation and hazard perception Driving lessons test preparation and manoeuvres Supervised Driving focusing manoeuvers and the test Driving lessons mock test Supervised Driving fixing errors

How do i react if i get pulled over by the police?

Stay Calm What you do and say can have a huge impact on the outcome Pull over to the left in a safe spot as soon as possible Most of the time it is just a simple infringement that can be easily handled and hopefully end with a warning. Once pulled over unless it is obviously a police officer(in uniform and police car) crack the window ¼ of the way. Once the person is identified as a police officer (ID) then open the window all the way Listen and do as the officer asks. You are obligated to state your name and address and hand over your drivers license

What do i do when i see sirens/ emergancey vehicles?

Slow down Move left to give the vehicle a clear run down the middle of the road. If you can’t move left safely, stay where you are and let the emergency vehicle overtake you Do not move your vehicle suddenly, give clear warning. Do not drive into the path of the emergency vehicle. You may drive onto the wrong side of the road or drive through a red traffic light to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle if it is safe to do so.