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Prep L workshop

My Driving School haw identified a number of barriers for our community to be licenced. One of which is to participate in Queensland Transport’s on line PrepL, an online learning and assessment program, then answer the required 30 questions after participating in their 4-6 hours online program. Our workshop is to help you complete program. A one day workshop where you will work through the Prep L online course with the help from a driving instructor and mentors. This is a learner licence workshop designed to help you achieve your learners. Our mission is to assist people to obtain a learner licence in a safe space no matter the barriers you face.

This is a FREE learner licence program for participating schools. If you think your school can benefit from this program please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. 



Book your spot in our  Prep L workshop.


Come on the organised day and learn through visuals, diagrams, questions and answers as we work through the online program


If you need extra help do not worry you are in the right spot. We will endeavour to help everyone that attends no matter the adversity

Obtain your Learners Licence

Once you have passed the online program then take your 100 points of id to Queensland transport and upgrade you licence.

This is a free workshop run through registered schools. If your school is interested or sees a need for this program to be run please fill out the contact us form below.