Redcliffe Test Centres

Redcliffe Test Centre

Redcliffe test area is considered anywhere on the peninsula within an approximate 15min radius from the test centre. Redcliffe is relatively flat with minimal double lane roads and lights. It consists of mostly 40, 50 and 60km/hr zones and roundabouts. All main roads are also shared bike lanes so mirror and shoulder checks are a must when going over them. There are a lot of schools located in the area.


Behind the Kippa- Ring shops is the Redcliffe Test Centre. Entering and Exiting the Centre is a bit interesting as it is situated right in the corner. Entering the test centre from Bingle St signal left. Remember when exiting that not everyone signals to go either into the centre or around the corner into Beach St so make sure you know where people are going before you exit. Considering it is so close to shops remember to watch for pedestrians.

Located up at Scarborough is an all-day school zone. Between Southern Cross Catholic College and the Australian Trade College of North Brisbane.

Along Scarborough Beach is another 40km/hr zone with small lanes winding through pedestrian crossings and shops.

Note- Along most of the waterfront roads are 40km/hr zones.


The sign is one a lot of students have not seen before. One of these is located in each of the testing centers on the north side.

If you drive along Flinders Parade from Scarborough to Woody Point you will find the sign situated on the left just before flinders lane.

In the test you will be expected to follow this sign unless directed differently. In other words you will follow it from flinders pde

to flinders ln without the examiner saying anything.