Rehabilitation Driving Lessons

Remedial Driving Lessons/Rehabilitation driving lessons

Driving is often an integral part of our daily lives. Losing the ability to drive, or having to limit where you can go, can impact your independence.


Do you get asked and questioned about your driving ability?

Do you get told to give up your license?

Remedial driving lessons and rehabilitation driving lessons are recommended following a OT driving assessment with Senior clients with the intention of overcoming or correcting errors in safe driving identified during the assessment. We recommend using Jenny from driving well. 

Our aim is on completion of the lessons we have equipped the client with updated skills and knowledge that will see them driving safely in the year ahead. 

Refresh your Driving Skills

Being a senior driver does not mean you will have to stop driving. If you're used to getting around independently, the idea of being without a driver's license or car is awful thought. Take the opportunity to have your driving skills updated. We can then provide you with updated knowledge and skills to help keep you safe. 

A variety of organizations play their part in helping to keep senior drivers on the road safely for longer, they provide practical and informative help and support to assist you to continue driving longer if it is safe to do so. Can use own car for assessment on arrangement. Driving lessons can help senior drivers  stay safe on the road for longer. 

Must note if using own car(pre arranged) you take full responsibility if anything happened.

Remedial driving lessons, senior driving lesson, senior drivers
We have standard dual operational automatic and manual cars. Modifications available include left foot accelerator, steering knob, lodgesons set and hand controls
left hand steering, left hand driving lessons, left hand accelerator, left hand steering knob
left foot accelerator, left hand steering, left hand driving lessons, left hand accelerator, left hand steering knob

Prices for Rehabilitation driving lessons, Remedial driving lessons and Ot driving assessments

$110 per a lesson

-includes 60min lesson.

$130 per a lesson for modified vehicles 

--includes 60min lesson.

Travel fees may apply.