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At My Driving School- Moreton Bay we are passionate about helping people with additional learning difficulties. Including Autism, Anxiety Asperger’s, Learning difficulties, ADHD and more. We have rehabilitation trained driving instructors.

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People with high- functioning autism and Asperger’s and other disabilities are often able to learn to drive. It is a key skill to independence and can make a big difference in a individuals life, but this task may prove difficult. A young adult must already struggle with the impulsiveness, inexperience and other traits of adolescence but when a individual is ASD they have potential obstacles posed by learning difficulties itself. Can they quickly intuit and react to the “big picture” of any given driving situation? Can they interpret and respond to actions, attitudes or intentions of other drivers? Can they keep calm? Can they avoid “zoning out”? Transportation needs may be addressed as part of the NDIS scheme. 

When it comes to sitting in the driver's seat for the first time, a young person with disabilities faces all the same issues a typically developing adolescent does, as well as additional difficulties posed by the disability. There are definitely some aspects of driving that he or she may need help. There is no research on what techniques are ideal, but it is likely that breaking down driving skills into component parts and allowing more time than the typical beginner might need to master. Be concreate in your decisions and interactions, Prepare the student for a change in routine, making them comfortable, understand that you have to speak literally and no sarcasm ect, consistency, assume nothing, present the same information over and over in a variety of ways, Step by step instruction, patience, positive and supportive language for questions. Although it might just take longer and require more focused practise and training than the average student.

We have standard dual operational automatic and manual cars. Modifications available include left foot accelerator, steering knob, lodgesons set and hand controls
left hand steering, left hand driving lessons, left hand accelerator, left hand steering knob
left foot accelerator, left hand steering, left hand driving lessons, left hand accelerator, left hand steering knob


Some self-assessment questions to ask before considering driving may include: 

  • Are you ready to accept instruction and constructive criticism?

  • Do you feel ready to accept the responsibility for driving and the safety of other road users?

  • Do you know how to apply the rules of the road?

  • Are you able to maintain attention for a reasonable length of time?

  • Are you able to solve problems, multi-task and react quickly?

  • Are you willing to invest the time and resources needed to achieve the goal of driving?


Why Choose Us?

My Driving School- Moreton Bay region are qualified, experienced driver trainers. Most of them have had experience in helping students with a variety of mental health and learning difficulties who want to learn to drive. Contact us to discuss which instructor will suit you best. 


We have had experience with:


  • NDIS driving lessons

  • Rehabilitation trained instructors available

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Asperger’s

  • Bi Polar

  • Depression

  • Dyslexia

  • Learning difficulties

  • Panic Attacks

  • Left foot accelerator 

  • Lodgesons steering set

  • hand controls- fadiel set

  • Steering knob and more.

In the Industry of Driver training, there are no specific qualifications for driving instructors who wish to work in this specialised field. Although additional training is available. We have rehabilitation trained driving instructors. Our NDIS and disability driving instructors have had training from industry leaders in driving help and support.  Choosing the right trainer is a very important first step to ensure you are receiving the right help and support.


Can you claim Driving lessons from the NDIS

NDIS driving lessons/ Specialised driving lessons are listed under the

  • Improved Daily Living

  • CB Daily Activity

  • Assessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation. These services can be delivered in groups or individually.

  • Item number- 15_046_0129_1_3.

Driving lessons required due to the impact of a disability should be in response to a driving trained specialist occupational therapist assessment. Although this is not a requirement to start to use the funding, if ongoing funding then it will need to be completed.


Funding from the NDIS for driving lessons is designed to help pay for lessons, it is not designed to pay for all the lessons. It is designed to pay for additional lessons that are as a result of the participants disability.


Should we go for a OT driving assessment-?

Driving is an essential activity of daily living that allows independent mobility for work and social activities. It is a powerful symbol of independence and personal identity. Driving is a complex task that involves the integration of visual, physical, cognitive and psychosocial skills in a rapidly changing environment.

A OT driving assessment is a comprehensive functional assessment that includes both off and on road components. This type of assessment in considered the gold standard for determining fitness to drive. It also will provide a detailed support plan that is designed to deliver progress and change for the participant. The OT develops this plan with the participant and is should clearly state the expected therapy outcomes and demonstrate a link to the participant’s goals, objects and aspirations.

Funding for driving lessons from NDIS is subject to a detailed support plan which is completed by a OT driving assessment.


Additional Benefits

Even if you don’t go all the way to getting your P’s or driving independently, there are a lot of other great benefits gained from learning to drive. These can include improved self-confidence, multi-tasking skills, better spatial awareness, visual skills and hand-eye coordination, better knowledge of your neighbourhood and road safety.

Stay safe and happy driving

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Prices for NDIS lesson, Rehabilitation driving lessons and OT driving assessments

$110 per a lesson

-includes 60min lesson.

$130 per a lesson for modified vehicles 

--includes 60min lesson.

Travel fees may apply.

Getting your license can be a challenging process. Overcoming your fear of driving takes the right practise and approach. Here are some suggestions to help:

  • Find a quality driver trainer

  • Know your road rules

  • Remain calm – practice some breathing exercises or use your own coping mechanisms to compose yourself when driving

  • Talk aloud as you drive- explain what is happening ahead and behind you- what important signs do you see and what are other road users doing?

  • Remain committed to the process even when it seems difficult.

  • Pull over and stop if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Contact us today and have a chat as to which instructor will suit your needs best.

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