Strathpine Test Centres

Strathpine test area

Strathpine test area is considered anywhere within an approximate 15min radius from the test centre. Strathpine is relatively flat with Gympie Rd running through the middle of it, there are minimal roundabouts but a few sets of Lights. The test centre here can take you on the highway. It consists of mostly 40, 50 and 60km/hr zones but there is also a 70km/hr zone on Gympie Rd. There are lots of schools located in the area. The test centre carpark is too small for the driving tests so they run out of the carpark next door. When you enter off Bells pocket Rd you will see parking spots to the left designated to the test vehicles.


The highway entrance they use is from bald hills to Strathpine. The entrance is a typical highway entrance. What is hard about this bit is the exit. The exit has a quick come down from 100km/hr to 60km/hr. Once you see the yellow warning sign for the exit speed start slowing down, heavy braking to be 60km/hr before the sign. BUT remember to look in your mirrors as if it is unsafe you have to regulate what you decide to do.

Behind the shops is a 40km/hr zone down Learmonth St. Heading from the Centre to Learmonth St you turn left off Gympie Rd, there is no give way you get a lane. The right hand lane is a turning lane into the shops, you cannot go straight from this lane.

If you are coming along Gympie Rd towards the shops from the highway. The far right hand lanes turn into a right hand turning land only onto Dixon St. If you are in this lane you cannot continue straight onto Gympie Rd at the roundabout you MUST turn right.


Entering and exiting the test centre is a bit hazardous at times.

When turning off Gympie Rd into Bells Pocket Rd the test centre is on your left. For safety make sure mirror and you shoulder check and move into the bike lane to turn into the driveway. Moving out of the way off the traffic.

When exiting the test turning right onto Bells Pocket Rd towards Gympie Rd the road signalling confuses some. To turn left onto Gympie Rd mirror and shoulder check across on the dotted lines into the newly formed lane. If they say go straight or right stay in the right lane and head to the lights the lane then splits into the designated lanes.

Located across Gympie Rd at Bray Park Station are one way areas confuse some follow the arrows and signs as required.

If coming from the centre along Samsonvale Rd towards warner. The second set of lights you come too turn left onto Livingston Rd. Follow this along, the main road continues around a few corners. First from Livingston onto Stanley and then Stanley St onto Leitchs Rd. Practice both directions look out for the signs.



Follow the bold lines if you want to go on the minor roads you have to indicate over the dotted lines.