Why Choose us?

Find the right instructor and school is important. 

Often you see recommendations for driving schools on Facebook and although it is great to see your school in a recommendation a lot of the leading schools end up there and they are all similar. So how do you tell what is actually the most important things are and what makes a good school-


Find the Right INstructor

Find an instructor that works for you and you click with- You will be able to tell this on the first lesson, you want an instructor that will work for you. E.g. If you have anxiety than you want someone that remains calm. BUT no matter how hard the school tries sometimes they don't always get it right. Talk to us about your needs and what you are after in a instructor. If we don't get it right the first time give us a call back and you can easily change instructors. Some people will just clash on personality alone and feel uncomfortable through no fault of either theirs or the instructors we are all human.


Back up available

Look for a school who if something happens to an instructors car or instructor they have a back up. I get calls each week from people whose instructors are full booked at test time or car has broken down or had a crash or the instructor is sick and because they are a single operator the students has to do a mad rush to find a new car to use. Definitely this can happen if it is manual and they don't own a manual car.


Goes at your pace

Make sure you pick an instructor that teachers at your pace and teaches through positive re-enforcement . Everyone learns at different rates, some much more quicker than others. Lessons should challenge you, learning new things each lesson and revising previous lessons.


Prepares you for life after your l plates

Instructors will be up to date in all things in relation to the test but make sure they teach you for life beyond your test. There is a lot more to learn than just what is needed to pass the test, the test is the bare minimum. Instructors should be teaching you more than how to break bad habits but instilling attitudes, defensive driving techniques, road craft and more. There is always something to learn each lesson, never just driving around.


An Instrucotor that is always open

Remember revision is key to learning, in lessons you will learn one or two things each lesson but if you do not go over it and revise it at home then instructors have to repeat and go over these techniques. You learn through spaced recognition and thus cramming does not work. Bring a extra pair of eyes, any instructor should allow a supervisor to come with you to listen in on the lesson. This allows your supervisor to back up what you are learning.


Find Someone who cars more about the student than the pass

Finding a wrong instructor or school and not putting in adequate lesson time can end up costing you a lot more. Instructors will be able to tell you if you are test ready and likely going to pass. If you are short of cash than it can often be more beneficial to pay for a extra few lessons and use your own car for the test rather than paying for a test package


Be Prepared to try a few instructors

Personal recommendations are great but just because one instructor suited someone they may not suit you. A driving instructor isn’t a friend, a teacher or a parent – but they should be a weird mix of all those things. They’re helping you learn and keeping you safe, as well as making learning to drive a great experience. It should go without saying that your instructor should be punctual, friendly and give you the full lesson that you’ve paid for. Their car should be clean and in good working order. They shouldn’t shout at you or make you feel tense or uncomfortable. If they do, they’re just not the one for you. Don't be afraid to call the school back and try one of the others.



Cost can be a big factor when searching for driving lessons but don’t be tempted to go straight for the cheapest. It could mean you end up paying for more lessons if the instructor isn’t right for you.



On a number of occasions I will book someone in with an instructor as they are the only one available at the requested time. Stating that if they do not suit give us a call back and we can easily change for the following lessons. I do call and follow up as I did not get to place them with the person I wanted to but don't often hear back from the ones who did not enjoy it, I only find out months later they felt uncomfortable and went to another school. We can not fix issues if you do not communicate. If you are unsure of anything that happened in lessons call and ask. If you are unsure on any rules or regulations call and ask. If you don't know how to teach something or need some advice on how to teach something call and ask. Either the office or the instructor will be able to help you. A driving school is more than just about getting lessons they should be a resource of information and help for your journey


The Vehicle

Serviced and roadworthy. It should not have to be questioned but the Queensland government no longer have mandatory servicing and vehicle assessments for driving school vehicles.  Is the car right for you? A Suzuki swift may be perfect for a 5 foot person but be very squashy for a 6’5 person. Also ask about qualifications of instructors remember it is a requirement for them to have a blue card when instruction learners who are under 18 years of age. 


Flexibility and Avalability

Recently we had a person from another school who came to us due to her original instructor not having any availability. They preferred the other instructor but due to availability could not book them as readily as needed but because it was over different schools the instructors could not communicate effectively. Pick a school that puts students first and does not book out instructors so much that you can not get in and get the times and availability you are after.  You can swap between instructors if need be to get the best availability and flexibility, all our instructors talk to each other and can update each other, it is beneficial to stick to the one instructor but that is not always an available option when on a tight schedule.


Find a school and instructor who puts students first 

They will tell you the truth and will not try getting extra lessons out of you for the sake of it. Find a school that will compensate you if they make mistakes such as missing lessons. They care more about the person than the pass rate since by caring for the person they improve the chances of a student passing their test first time.. They care about your situation and will endeavour to help you as much as possible. We service the Moreton Bay Regional area and our instructors care- if you need to finish at Zillmere or Chermside outside of our area we can do it just has to be arranged prior to the lesson. Will they go down the Gold Coast with you for a test so that way you keep the same car.? Yes they should.

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I hope you give us a chance to show you how good our school is and instructors are. We may not get it right the first time and we may not be perfect but we will ALWAYS try our best and try to do what is right for each individual. 

No matter who you are- returning driver, new to your l plates, towards the end of your 100 hrs, anxiety, autism, intellectual disability, Asperger and more. We will endeavour to do our best to help you and teach you efficiently and effectively.